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Highly profitable

value add investments

into Spanish real estate

15%+ returns



for investors


Successful projects

60.000+ sq.m.

Of residential developments built

20+ years

Of experience

Why are the returns so high?


Undervalued off-market properties

We’ve been on the market for 20+ years and built a great network. So, we are the first to learn about the best deals at below the market prices to assure
very high returns (15-40%).

Expertise c.png

Expertise in adding value

We are experts in choosing the best way to add value in each case: change of use, division, residential (re)development, apartment flipping, etc. We know how to creatively maximize sellable square footage still staying within the limits of construction regulations. As a result, we find great deals where others do not. And greater additional value always translates into better returns.



Because of our vast experience we do not waste any time analyzing the opportunities. So, we are faster with our due diligence and are ready to enter the deals safely before anyone else is. Being first is key in getting the most profitable properties.


Financial leverage

We have an excellent track record with all the major Spanish banks. So, we can help you maximize your returns by attracting bank financing at the best possible terms.

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How can I invest?

More than 5 million euro

Let’s talk directly and discuss your preferences. We will then offer investment opportunities tailored to your needs.


1 to 5 million euro

You can invest in one of our residential development projects. We will create a project company 100% owned by you, will help you buy the property and will manage the whole project for you to maximize your returns.


0,5 to 1 million euro

You can invest in one of our smaller apartment-flipping projects through a participative loan to Dinaste (a loan where the return is directly connected with the project profits), guaranteed by the purchased property.


100.000 to 500.000 euro

You can co-invest in one of our current projects along with other investors of Dinaste that already committed similar amounts. The investment will be made through a participative loan to Dinaste and guaranteed by the purchased property.

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