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About Dinaste

Dinaste is a full-cycle real-estate investment, development and property management company focusing on Barcelona and surroundings. Our team has more than 25 years of experience on the market and have a complete coverage of all properties on sale, commercial and residential. 

We also create individually tailored investment packages for our clients, depending on the target yield from conservative 4% at prime zones of the city center to more than 15% in development projects in residential areas.

"Our goal is to deliver value to our clients through personalized investment solutions"



Anton Malkov (CEO)


Anton is a Russian born real estate investor and consultant. He started his first business at the age of 14 and has decades of experience as serial investor. He currently owns several companies providing property management and innovative software solutions for real estate and hospitality industry both in Barcelona and in Moscow. 

Anton is also a mentor and trainer for start-ups. He has consulted with 1500 entrepreneurs on strategy, marketing, management, social responsibility and a host of other issues - whatever it takes to make them successful. He is also a manager for non-profit projects for training entrepreneurs.

He knows first hand all the trivialities of real estate investment in Barcelona and has set up Dinaste and carefully picked its team and partners to be the best guide and shopper for foreign investors interested in this city.

Anton Malkov
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